Reggae Ireland Artists Biography

BAJJNA Biography : 

Bajjna Group Picture at Button Factory Dublin Ireland

Bajjna is a Reggae band based out of Dublin, Ireland. Formed in 2015. Their music described as Modern Roots Rock Reggae with positive messages. The band has released a number of singles “Time Machine” , “No More Sin”, “Living inna Jungle” and more. Bajjna released their Debut Album “One Humankind” on 01 January 2021. The band name Bajjna was taken from a Bengoli word “Bajna” means Rhythm, Strum, Drums, Performance. The sound from an instrument is also called Bajna. The reason behind “Bajna” spelled with double -JJ- “Bajjna” because the additional J is to honour Jamaica & Jah. To show Love and Respect to the country where Reggae music was born Read More

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